Lucia & Marie™ is a life-long dream to own and operate a dress shop.

My great-grandmother, Caterina, immigrated from Torraca, Italy to the United States (and later Mexico) in the early 19th century. She was a dressmaker and taught her daughter, my grandmother, Milena, how to design and assemble garments, specifically wedding dresses. Then, my grandmother taught my mother, also named Milena, the art of garment making and she later worked at a Chicago garment factory in the 1960s. At a young age I watched my mother make clothes for me and my sister, Sandra, and this experience later inspired my interests in fashion design.

Later in life, I worked at a boutique fabric store, worked in the technology industry, graduated from college, studied business administration, finance and law. I love the textbook “Building Patterns – The Architecture of Women’s Clothing” written by Suzy Furrer at Apparel Arts in Oakland and I’ve taken classes in couture techniques, corsetry, pattern-making and embroidery.

I would love to hear from you!  Contact me here.