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The Little Black Jacket

First debuted in 1954 by French fashion designer, Coco Chanel, THE Little Black Jacket has evolved over the years but its signature features remain –> a boxy jacket made of bouclé (a fuzzy looped yarn wool) or tweed fabric, braided trim, two or four pockets, a gold chain placed along the inside bottom edge, fully lined and quilted with silk charmeuse, with or without the double “C” logo buttons, and 2-part or 3-part sleeves attached to armholes by hand stitching.

“There are things in fashion that never go out of style: jeans, a white t-shirt and a Chanel Jacket.” – Karl Lagerfeld, Head Creative Director of the fashion house Chanel

Do you have an original Chanel Jacket?  Could a “copy” of the Couture French Jacket fit into your wardrobe?  Share a post in the comments for a special offer from Lucia & Marie™.


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