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Ready-to-Wear or Haute Couture?

Ready-to-Wear (RTW) means a garment is created based on a manufacturer’s published Women’s RTW Sizes.  Fast fashion or off-the-rack clothing is based on manufacturing RTW garments that fit most of the population and produced at the lowest price the market is willing to spend.  

Haute Couture means we draft a pattern based on YOUR measurements.  In French, “haute” means elegant or high quality and “couture” means dressmaking, sewing and needlework.  The two words “haute couture” mean elegant dressmaking using the most unique and exquisite fabrics available on the market and custom made for a client based on her specific body measurements.

In both cases, the most important part of a RTW and Haute Couture garment is fitting.  

Learn more about how Lucia & Marie achieves a perfect fit in making a dress.

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