Dogs at weddings

A wedding dog dress? Yes, it’s a thing.

As you can imagine, dogs have become the inspiration for many things in life through their companionship, love and loyalty.  Since they represent so much good in the world, dogs attending weddings seemed like a natural thing to happen.

Years ago, I wanted my dog to participate in my wedding, wearing a matching wedding dog dress.  I could envision her walking down the isle with her cousins, the flower girls.  Sadly, at that time, the owners of Bernardus Lodge in Carmel Valley, California did not allow pets on the property.  Happy to report this is no longer the case!  Pets are now welcomed in the rose garden and outdoor dining areas.  Can I hear a woof-woof?! All kinds of animals, and dogs especially, are making a “paw”-print and paving the way for future dog brides and grooms.  Check out @rosenbergthedog wearing a matching black tuxedo at his parents wedding@thedogstyler  and @TopherBrophy.

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