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Pugs in pink dresses

Last summer I had an epiphany about pugs in pink dresses.  I was attending the annual Fashion Law Bootcamp® Summer Intensive Program in Silicon Valley and San Francisco.  On the first day, we started at the Levi Strauss & Co. headquarters on Battery Street in San Francisco followed by a happy hour.  It was my conversation with Jeff Trexler, attorney and Associate Director at Fashion Law Institute, that resonated with me.  I asked him what does he advise law students do while seeking employment.  His response was simple, “start a fashion blog.” My initial thought was, “a fashion blog?!  Why?”  He said “very few fashion bloggers understand both fashion and law.”  That’s when the idea of “Pugs in Pink Dresses” (fashion and dogs) came to mind.

I had already successfully launched a dog grooming business in 2007 and witnessed how passionate dog parents are about their fur babies.  So, here I am blogging about pugs in pink dresses — fashion and dogs — while developing my brand:  Lucia & Marie™.



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